Problem area:
Administrate book loans in Denmark. Make reservations online, recall books, send out notifications, fines and remote loan system.

The system is the largest in Denmark and used in over 60% of the libraries, it is a very complex system. I was part of a team consisting of 12 developers.

My responsibilities:
I was responsible for designing the user-interface and coding the front-end for a new module, which was added to the existing software. I was also given the responsibility of designing the icons for the whole system designed all the icons for the program, including the other modules in the software.



During a briefing with management and development team, I was informed about the requirements, and which text field, forms, and information from the exciting system should be added to the new module. We looked at the system design, which was over 3500 classes, to identify the information.
There was no contact with users, but expert users in the development team.


To create a new module called “remote loan” that handles loans and reservation in remote libraries and recalls.This module should be integrated with the existing software, which was already running in libraries.

To use the existing software and information as a guide. All features were defined from the start.
There was no user contact between the developers and users, only experts


Started sketching the names of a text field, position, size.
Created use cases and UML notation, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design techniques.


Created Visual prototypes in Visual Basic and got feedback from the management and my co-workers.
The icons were created and designed in an icon software. I asked the development team for feedback on the icons.
The icons were designed as an iterative process until the team was pleased with the outcome.


The designs were implemented and I used Java/Swing to code the front-end.
The icons were implemented into the whole software application by all the developers.

The modules were tested by the whole development team – then the software application was released to the libraries for beta testing.


The software application is still used in many libraries in Denmark and is updated regularly.


  • Software application
  • User manuals
  • Analysis
  • Reverse enigineering
  • System design – software design
  • Design of GUI
  • Design of iicons