Note: Detailed information about this project will be limited because it is bound by NDA

The Health project is a comprehensive app for medical staff, institution, and patients to handle and help diagnose allergies.

A large part of the project was reading medical research about allergies, to get an insight into the core challenges the allergy suffers faces.

I did a patent search and copyright search in cooperation with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.


Throughout the whole design thinking process, I  designed the app with UCD (User Centred Design) in mind.


Contextual research
I travelled abroad to attend the largest allergy exhibition in Europe, to talk with potential users, companies and medical staff.
I visited outpatient departments for allergies in several hospitals. Here I observed, listened to, and watched the patients and the medical staff to gain empathy in order to get a better understanding of their challenges.

Contextual interviews
I interviewed both medical staff in their work environment and allergy suffers their homes.


I created POV (Point-of-view) with a user-centered approach and created documentation.
Furthermore, I created several personas and user stories, to clarify the user need and user journey. All were derived from real users.


I created mind mapping, brainstorm and many sketches as an iterative process
and presented the sketches to the potential users to get user feedback.


I created sketches, wireframing prototypes, interaction model, activity diagram, task models and flow charts.

Then I engaged with users to get feedback.


Usability testing
I observed users while they completed some tasks.

I asked the users to select a task of their own choice, I noted the feedback and observations
Then I asked the user to rate the overall use and “look-and-feel” of the app.


Awarded 2 government grants to develop an International Action Plan and a Market Test in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Trade Council of Denmark.


The application has been evaluated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark/The Trade Council, DTU Nation Food Institute (Copenhagen), The Idea Clinic (Aalborg University Hospital/Aalborg University/Aarhus University Hospital), Aarhus University, users, institutional employees, physicians/doctors (practicing physicians, specialists, surgeons), nurses, as well as an internationally recognised English Allergy specialist.
There are several written recommendations on the application.
Doctors, nurses and institutions have expressed interest to use the app in their everyday work.


  • App
  • Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • UX Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User research
  • Medical reading and research
  • Innovation, startup
  • Working with ministries, embassies, doctors, scientists, patients, institutions, businesses, investors
  • Branding & Digital Marketing