I was requested by a large boarding school to design and implement a website and design a logo. The Design Thinking Process described below only concern the logo.



Contextual research
I visited the boarding school to gain the best empathy.
I was shown around the whole school to watch, listen, engage and observe, which I always find very valuable.

Contextual interviews
I engaged with the clients and interviewed them to clarify the needs and requirements they had for a new logo.
One of the questions I asked was:

  • can you describe for me what message the new logo should send ?


Point-of-View (POV)
To design a logo for a boarding school that has an emphasis on sports.


To ideate, I played around making shapes in many different color combinations and drew people in an abstract way in Adobe Flash.


I created many different shapes and people, of different colors. Furthermore, I integrated the name of the school in a font-family was best suited.
Then I asked the clients for feedback on the many drafts on the logos I sent to them.


The clients were pleased with the outcome and choose one of the logos.
The logo was used for many years on all the school’s clothes, buildings, bus, website and other marketing material.


  • Logo design
  • Web site banner design
  • Design and implementation of a web site
  • Client meetings
  • Requirement gathering
  • User Research
  • UX and UI Design
  • Implementation