An architectural firm requested to have a new website designed and implemented.
Before I visited the clients, I already know which product they requested, and they had already given the design a lot of thought because they are all architects.



User research
 – contextual interviews
I visited the architects in their office to gain empathy, and insights, to better understand their needs for a new website.
 They showed me some designs, websites and photo galleries they liked.
  I listened to their requirements and interviewed all the employees in the office. I asked them what they requested from a new website.

I asked them to tell me and show me how they usually browser a website and asked them to tell me, what is important for them, that the new website should reflect.


POV (Point of view)
To design and code a well-structured, easy and stylish website showing over 50 of their building projects.

The clients requested dark colours in the background to present their projects more clearly
- they requested roll over on all images without slowing the site
- the “the golden section” should be integrated into the design
- the design should be pixel perfect to fit the lines in the “the golden section”
- they wanted a hand-coded site to make the design exactly the same on each page
- create another Flash gallery to show images in another way.

They requested a poem on the front page.


I found several examples of image galleries and consulted the clients again to get feedback


I coded one example of a CSS image gallery with their own images
Then I coded the frontpage and a basic page design, to get user feedback

In this projects I used the left-side clickable, fold-out menu, to have a better overview of the projects
, due to the large number of pages and projects, which was over 60 pages.

Design guide
Colors, angles of lines, image size, background colors, spaces, and fonts and position was carefully described.


Refining the website, coding the design and CSS image galleries, over 50 pages.
This was an iterative process, and I changed the designs, angels, position, colors and functionality until the client was satisfied.


The website was completed and the customers were pleased with the outcome.

All the pages were hand-coded in HTML, CSS and I used Javascript libraries
The Flash photo gallery was made using SWISH software.


  • Website
  • Client meetings
  • User Research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Implementation