I am passionate about creating the best User Experience. In fact, whenever I see a problem, whether it is using everyday tools, like a milk carton, software, a website or an app, I can’t help myself trying to think of improvements for the product to become more user-friendly and think of a new innovation to a problem area, that does not have a solution. I am a problem solver, analytical, with an eye for details but also have the ability to overview whole projects.

I enjoy solving problems and I have a special interest in healthcare.

Personally, I enjoy playing music, keeping up with the latest tech trends and following courses continually in order to improve my skills as I am always thirsty for more knowledge.


I have over I9 years of experience in IT where I have worked with IT Software Design & Development, IT Projects, SEO, Mobile App Innovation, Start-ups, UX Design disciplines, Digital Marketing and Web Design.

I recently worked on an app project that was awarded 4-stars in an app review. I also worked as UX Designer on an Innovation Mobile Health App that is recommended by medical staff, institutions, and patients. For more than 13 years I have been a consultant as UX/UI Designer, web designer, and SEO Specialist. Other work areas of expertise include Requirement Specifications, Prototypes, User research, Analysis, Client meetings and Business Development


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Degree in Computer Science with major in Software Development and Software Design

Currently taking a Professional Diploma in UX Design from UX Design Institute


Design Principles
Studied medical subjects – including Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology,
Psychology and more.


Mobile User Experience Design,
Usability testing,
UX Designer from Scratch.
Web design for Usability,
Dynamic User Experience:
Design and Usability

All completed with Distinction and
2 courses as Best in Class from
Interaction Design Foundation


Member of Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)
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Member of User Experience Professionals Association
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User Experience Design (UX)
Information Architecture (IA)
Mobile User Experience Design
Task model
Interface Design
User stories
Mind mapping
Mobile First
User Research
Contextual Interviews
Stakeholder interviews
Requirement gathering
Card sorting
Prototypes – Interactive Prototypes
Sketching with pen and paper
Use Cases
User Flow
Affinity mapping
UML (Unified Modeling Language)
Usability testing
Software Design
Software Development
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
WCAG 2.1




  • Some software I use

    Invision, Sketch, Mocks, Balsamiq, MarvelApp, JustInMind, PhotoShop, FlairBuilder, Expresso, FileZilla, Screaming Frog, TopStylePro, StyleMaster, Homesite, Moz, Analytics, CSSEdit, WordPress, Search Console, ProjectPlace, PowerPoint, Prototypr, Keynote.
    Both Windows and Mac

  • Business / Startup

    Business plan, GANTT chart, pitching, budgets, milestones, SWOT analysis, project description, planning, innovation, documentation, start-ups, presentations, working with collaborators, requirement specification, International experience, B2B, Organisation

  • Medical / Health

    Courses in Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Ethics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Embryology, Microbiology, Patient care, Pathology, Nutrition, and Immunology, especially about Allergies.

  • Software Design & Software Development

    I hold a degree in  Computer Science with major in Software Development and Software Design

    The subjects in the education were:
    Systems analysis, Systems design, Usability, Methodology and Development Strategies.
    Algorithms and Data Structures, Problem-solving, Object-oriented Design Patterns, Architectures, Programming languages, Databases, Internet Technology, Operating systems, Concurrency control, Security and Safety, Computer Architectures, Networks and Network Architecture.

    The final project was an administration system for a chiropractors clinic to handle patient journal, booking, scanning social security card for registration and handling payments.

  • Methods

    OOA&D (Object Oriented Analysis & Design), Waterfalls model, Agile, UML (Unified Modeling Language), Software development, Software Design, Mobile First, UCD (User Centred Design), Design Thinking

  • Digital Marketing

    Social Media, branding, ASO, Organic Search Engine Optimisation, technical SEO, Content, Hootsuite, Meta Names rules, White hat, Disavow, SEM, PPC, Screaming Frog, WC3, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Algorithms, Google Analytics, video production.

  • Languages

    My native language is Danish and English is my second best language.
    I have knowledge of German, Norwegian, and Swedish