User research

End-to-end design process

I specialize in the end-to-end design process, taking projects from initial idea through to testing. My expertise spans the entire UX design process; – research, ideation, design, sketching, wireframing, rapid prototyping, high fidelity prototyping and UI design. 

In the research phase, I use various methods which I will describe below: 

My Approach

My goal is to create digital products that are inclusive and accessible to all users. This includes considering the needs of users with disabilities, different levels of digital literacy, and age-related challenges.

Design Process

Once I understand the company’s requirements and goals, I develop a research plan. I choose the most suitable user research methods for each situation, aiming to use at least three methods to ensure a well-rounded perspective (a technique known as triangulation).

Excerpts from a research findings report I have created in a large research project I was leading, planning and executing all aspects of the project.The product was a complex saas platform

My research and design work

The map below shows the tasks and sub-tasks I performed to improve the conversion rate at a company.

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User Research Methods

Here are some of the methods I use:

Interviews and Testing
– In-depth interviews
– Usability testing
– Diary studies
– Surveys
– Stakeholder interviews


Data Analysis
– Heatmaps
– Behaviours recordings
– Analytics data (e.g., Content Square, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Tableau, Screaming Frog)


Monitoring and Evaluation
– Customer support monitoring
– Social media monitoring
– Online reviews


Agile user stories

Expert Reviews
– UX expert review
– Heuristic analysis
– Cognitive walkthrough
– Task analysis


Mapping and Storytelling
– Journey mapping
– Empathy mapping
– Persona development
– Jobs to Be Done (JTBD)
– Writing user stories
– Story map


Sorting and Analysis
– Card sorting
– Competitive analysis

Accessibility and Device Testing
– Accessibility evaluation
– Testing on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices using cross-platform browsers

My comprehensive approach ensures that the digital products I design meet the diverse needs of all users, making technology accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Story map

Mind map

Journey map – a first time patient visiting a consultant. I created this while working with a chiropractic clinic


Task analysis and flow chart I created, one of many for a product of an responsive website for the property industy

Affinity map

Affinity map with feedback from over 12000 users. I analysed and categories all the findings.