Reminder App – Bear In Mind

The problem

Many children are missing out on after-school activities, appointments, chores, forgetting their homework, racket for tennis, sheets for music lessons, and to take their medicine. The goal was to create an app for families that boosts children’s self-confidence and helps to avoid tricky situations.

The product

The app is a reminder app, designed to be fun and easy to use. This app will have a positive impact on the whole family by improving their quality of life. The primary product is a native app for iOS and Android in 9 languages.
Other products are a responsive website in 6 languages, animation videos in 3 languages, promotion video, and other digital marketing products. 

The product was created in 2016.

View presentation of the design process (2017)
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View presentation of the design process (2020)
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My role

I led the entire project and was responsible for both app projects, all sub-products and I worked hands-on on all products, from idea to launch. My main areas of work were UX design using Design Thinking method (empathise, ideate, design, prototype, test), product strategy, user Interface Design and Interaction Design .

To mention a few of the tasks I worked with were, requirement specifications, requesting quotes from companies, research, ideation, design, sketching, prototyping, creating developer reports, UI design, documentation and launch.
I worked closely with other designers, developers, managers, marketing agencies, animation company, and stakeholders on the app project.
The users were an important part of the project and it was my responsibility to conduct research and transform user research and feedback to design changes.

Empathise with users

To get a better understanding of the problem areas, the users, context of use and behaviours. I conducted research such as in-depth interviews, stakeholder interviews, observations, benchmarking and usability testing on competitors.

Interviewing users
Some of the questions I asked in the interviews.

Some of the questions I asked potential users
Describe your mornings?
How do you manage your day?
Describe what you do to remember activities and appointments?
Please describe the challenges you experience


  • 5 star app on App Store
  • 4 star international app review

My responsibilites

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • UX Research
  • Design of digital marketing products
  • Product Strategy


  • Android & iOS native apps (9 languages)
  • Multilanguage responsive website (6 languages)
  • Promotion videos
  • Animation videos in 3 languages
  • Design of digital marketing products

Contextual interviews

I interviewed many children and their parents to learn more about how they manage their busy schedules

Animation video

3 animation videos about Bear In Mind were created in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Define the problem and ideate solutions

Before starting ideating and designing the app it was now important to define the problem and create a plan for the app project including sub-project, while taking the constraints I had into account. Some of the feedback I got from the interviews was one of the most important factors for the users as they want intuitive, very visual and easy to use products. So the big question was how can I design an app that can meet these requirements and at the same time, be effective and fast to use, and still work around the constraints and create a desirable app. I had to prioritize what was viable, feasible and desirable with the small budget we had. I started to create some rough sketches to ideate, test and try.
The design process was an iterative process, where I worked with many people to finalize the app project.

First rough sketch  and idea of the user flow

Flow chart – creating an alarm

Testing the design

Testing and refining the design, was a process where I worked both with users to test the design and with developers, designers abroad. We produced many design reports to the developers and were on many video calls that were sometimes long and late.

Launch and reflections

The iOS native app, website videos and other digital marketing products were launched as expected. As the app was in 9 languages and especially Chinese and Japanese needed extra attention, when planning and testing the design, we had to be extra careful with these languages as they did not fit the same space as other languages, but we managed to work everything out.

The app is a 5 star rated app on App Store and received 4 star review on Common SenseMedia.


We wanted to create a website that supports the app, videos and social media in the marketing strategies.
It was important to design a website that makes people trust the brand, and ultimately trust the product and increase sales.
The primary goal of the website is to market the product and promote the app.
The finished product is a responsive website in Japanese, English, German, French, Chinese and Spanish.

My role

The website was my responsibility and I was hands-on from start to launch.
I worked with two developers who implemented some more technical aspects of the website.


Even though we had a limited budget we still wanted to reach many people, so we decided to have some fun animation videos created in Chinese, Japanese and English languages.
We worked with an animation company within our budget that provided the quality we were looking for. The purpose of the videos was to increase the number of people being aware of the app and gain attraction for the website and app store, to increase visibility and increase revenue.

The final products include 3 promotion animation videos in English, Chinese and Japanese. We also created a video for the app store preview and a walkthrough video. We want to have some videos that are fun that show use cases of how to use the app.

My role

I had the overall responsibility to ensure that everyone was on the same path and to ensure the video projects was finished in time.
We also worked with a translation company, graphic designers and an animation company to create videos and other branding products.

I was responsible for managing the animation videos, but people in the app project also assisted in creating the presentation video.
The company created a draft of a storyboard and we worked with the animation company on multiple iterations until the video was to our satisfaction. We also had to choose voices for the 3 language versions. That was in particular quite fun to do.
We are very pleased with the finished videos, and we found it very easy to work with the external company.