Music website

The problem

The internationally recognised musician and conductor, Professor Gert Mortensen requested a new responsive website that engages the users and inspires musicians worldwide.
He wanted to engage his audience by featuring his discography, music and videos from concerts in order to increase the sales of his CD’s.

The solution

The final product is an interactive responsive website that allows users to listen to music, purchase CD’s, view music videos, read more about Prof. Mortensen’s biography and percussion ensembles. 

My role 

I worked hands-on in every process from research to delivery of the website. Some of the processes included requirements, UX design, Research, UI design and implementation.
In the process, I worked with web developers on this product and I coded CSS on the website.

Empathize with Users

As I have designed other websites and products for the client, I was given fairly free hands to design the website, with respect to his requirements.
I used both quantitative and qualitative research to gain insight, used data from Google Analytics, social media and from his existing website.

My responsibilities

  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Implementation
  • Client Meetings


Define the problem and ideate solutions

The requirements, research data and my earlier experience with designing products for Prof. Mortensen helped me to define a clear plan. I had to design engaging and interesting content and at the same time create a user-friendly experience on all devices.

To make it more appealing for the users to interact with the website, and use the features, I added his CD’s showing the tracks to choose from. I also added many image galleries and videos recorded from Prof. Mortensens´s concerts worldwide.

I was excited to start the design of the website and delivering a product for Prof. Mortensen, that would increase sales and visibility online.

Testing the design

The design was tested by users and minor changes were applied. I made many iterations to the design before delivering the website to Prof. Mortensen.

Final results

The website was delivered to Prof. Mortensen and I was excited to learn the website was well received by Prof. Mortensen.

He was very pleased with the result and the fact that users are able to interact and listen to music on the website.