Flight booking website


The case study was a part of completing a Professional Diploma in UX design accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University. The assignment included learning as much as possible about the goals, userneeds, behaviours and context of airline customers when booking flights, and designing a website that solves the pain points of existing flight booking websites, and creates a better user experience of flight booking websites and apps.

The solution

A flight booking website that allows you to check flight status and to check-in. The search feature includes searches for flights by destination, location, airport, dates and budget. The final product was an interactive prototype, which I created in Axure. The prototype has a simulated database that makes search feature more realistic.
Some of the deliverables I created for this project were wireframes, flowcharts, user flow, competitive analysis report, user journey and prototype.

My role

I actively perfomed all stages in the design process from UX research, UX design, interaction design, UI design, usability testing, prototyping, wireframing and creating developer documentation and annotations.
It was exciting to research, design and prototyping the website, though it was a case study where real users were involved in the project.
As soon as I started conducting interviews, surveys and usability testing with real users, it was not difficult to empathise and feel as excited as I do when designing real products.
I am extremely grateful for some of my clients and family members for participated patiently in usability testing, interviews, online surveys and giving feedback on designs and the prototype.

My responsibilites

  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • UI Design
  • Annotation
  • Prototyping


Empathise with Users

At the UX Design Institute we followed the design process – Research, Design, Build and Test.
I used both quantitative and qualitative research methods, which included competitive benchmarking, in-depth interviews, usability testing and online surveys.
I conducted interviews and usability testing both in-person and remotely as some of the users were located abroad.
It was surprising that many of the users found booking websites hard to use, and the fact users expressed that certain UI’s were cluttered.
Many of my users asked for a feature to search for a flight on a budget. “How far can we travel for the budget we have?”
I decided to incorporate the “flight for budget”-feature in this case study and focused on designing a more user-friendly and uncluttered website.

Designing and testing the prototype

It was fun to start sketching the solution with pen and paper.
From the research data I was aware that I needed to come up with some designs that were simple and easy to use but at the same time get the job done for users, by letting the users book a flight online, with ease. I tried different design solutions on paper before deciding on the one I wanted to refine.
I iterated the designs many times, added colours, designed a logo and created an interactive prototype in Axure.

Final results

The prototype was well received by users and the course.
During the course, I produced several reports and deliverables, such as competitor benchmarking, report on navigation, user flow, journey map, affinity map, wireframe with annotation, developer documentation and style guide.
Overall, the course was a great experience, confirming methods I already knew about but also introducing new ones that will help perfect my next project.