Clinical app

DocComs is a clinical communication app that targeted medical staff, featuring tasks management, patient management, secure messaging and calls. The company was a health startup.

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The problem

The company wanted a new version of the app, with a completely redesigned architecture, user experience, and user interface using the new company identity and branding.
Another requirement was to improve the UX and UI of the live product, that is used in the NHS but doctors and other medical staff. The company also requested a new website and assistance with graphic elements for social media and print.


The solutions

I designed and setup website in WordPress and email templates for invitations, welcome email and confirmation.
The main product was a cross platform clinical app featuring patient management, secure messaging and task management. The app was used in many hospitals mostly by doctors and also other medical staff like midwifes, nurses and paramedics.


My responsibilities

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Setup website

Products & deliverables

  • 3 versions of the app
  • UX and UI
  • Iconography
  • Styleguides
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Social media
  • Print – adverts
  • Developer documentation

My role

As a sole designer, I was responsible for delivering end-to-end design, including research, ideation, design, sketches, and prototyping.
I created 3 style guides, iconography, and graphical elements for social media, print and presentations, using new branding and current product branding

A large part of the role was to improve UX which was redesigned and delivered to the development team in a short timeframe.


There were a number of constraints that needed to be taken into account. The app should be compliant to meet the requirements of NHS Digital, accessibility,  Cyber Essential, Communication Framework and other government bodies.

I worked with an external consultant abroad to ensure the designs meet the requirements.


Empathize with Users

I collected all the information about the app there was available from the team, as they have worked on the product for more than two years, before joining the company.

I analysed taped user interviews and used the data to inform me on making the right design decisions. I worked closely with the management to meet both user needs and business goals.

Furthermore, I held several interviews with the stakeholders, that was also a user, to identify the user needs, the context of use and behaviour.

User stories

Flow chart – invite a user to join DocComs

Clinical app


After defining the problem and task, I started to sketch designs, and iterated, until the designs were ready to be set up in Figma and finally sent to the developers.

I worked on more than one version of the app and also worked on a daily basis to solve UX issues, that needed to be completed within 1- 2 days.

There were challenges to the development environment, that made created constraint for the designs, what was possible in the enviroment it was created in.

Examples of the designs


User flow – creating a group to invite users to join

Excerpt of the styleguide

Excerpts of style guide

E-mail template

Website designed and set up in WordPress