Architectural firm

The Business Problem Architects wanted a new website to present their projects. The most important thing for the customer was to present 50+ projects in a clean and elegant way showing many images. It was a requirement that an architectural element should be incorporated into the design. They had over 50 projects to put on the website, and it was also a requirement that the navigation should be easy to use. They did not want a CMS system or mobile version.
The Process I conducted User research, interviews with the customers in their office.
I made some different designs in Photoshop and others were coded. Furthermore, I showed them demos of different ways to present hover over images and photo galleries.
The Result The site is hand coded in HTML, XHTML, CSS, and Swish. All the galleries on each page are hand coded CSS image gallery. The Golden Section was used as a background image.
Work areas UX Design, UI Design, Information Architect, Usability, User Research, Wireframing, Interviews, Prototyping, graphical work, and coding.

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