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Over the years, I have designed many products for a variety of industries, including startups, growth companies, and established companies. I work End-to-end on a product with in-depth experience and knowledge.

The products I have designed are:

  • native apps, cross-platform apps,
  • websites (eCommerce, product and information rich websites)
  • software
  • SaaS platforms
  • UI deliverables

Having founded my own startup, launched my own product, worked in-house, and been hands-on in my own design consultancy for 13 years, I have gained extensive experience and the ability to empathise with new industries. 

 Gert Mortensen percussion professor and soloist website, showing list of videos


Designing for HealthTech is one of my areas of expertise.

Having completed all natural science subjects in nursing education, I am well-equipped to read medical texts and research medical areas and terms. Additionally, my experience working with professors, doctors, GPs, nurses, and chiropractors allows me to quickly understand and empathize with new products within the HealthTech sector.

I am passionate about ideation and innovation within HealthTech and enjoy using the latest technologies to develop new solutions that improve health and prevent severe illnesses and diseases

Some of the products I have designed include:

International SaaS HealthTech platforms:

Creating innovative, scalable and user-friendly solutions for the healthcare industry.
View the case study 

National SaaS platforms for Healthcare:

Designed Saas platform for healthcare, that also include mobile apps and tablet.

Clinical mobile app for communication and patient management:

Transformed complex field into an intuitive app to facilitate communication and streamline patient management for healthcare professionals.
View the case study

International greenfield health app:

Designed and lead an innovative health app project from scratch for global markets in collaboration with medical staff. Received two government grants for the work.
View the case study

Administration software for chiropractic clinics:

This was my final project in an advanced computer science program, where I designed an efficient administrative software for chiropractic clinics

Websites for chiropractors and specialised physio clinics:

Building professional and engaging websites tailored to the needs of chiropractic and physiotherapy practices.

Websites for national and international associations for occupational health:

Designing comprehensive websites and visual elements to support occupational health associations.

Fitness app and healthcare app:

I design the apps in collaboration with Creative Navy Digital Agency as part of my coursework at  King’s College London.
View the case study from Kings’c College


My work in this field combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of healthcare needs, resulting in effective, innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Doctors using cell phones in the hospital corridor. Medical concept

Travel industry

In the travel industry, I have worked on various exciting products, including: 

Global booking sites for ferries and luxury cruises:

I focused on improving designs, conducting user research, optimizing the user flow, ideating new features, and ensuring a smooth booking experience.
View one of the case studies

Flight booking case study:

I created a case study where I analysed how users interact with flight booking systems and designed innovative solutions to make the booking process easier and more efficient. The case study was end-to-end design, including user research.

View the case study and the prototype created in Axure

My work in this field is always aimed at enhancing the user experience and making the booking process as seamless as possible. 


E-commerce is a field where I bring significant experience, both as a UX/UI designer and as a consultant for optimising online retail performance. My work include improving product visibility and conducting workshops for employees on best practices for e-commerce optimisation to boost revenue. 

I have a track record of helping online shops significantly increase their business. Here are some of the e-commerce projects I’ve worked on 

Global booking Sites:

Enhancing user experience in the booking process to improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates. 

Online shops for pets, flowers, gifts shop and children’s toys:

Managing extensive product catalogs (over 30,000 products) and optimising the user journey to facilitate easy browsing and purchasing. 

Hotel chains and restaurant:

Improving UX/UI and online visibility resulting in significant increase in bookings.

Music and Arts

As a trained percussionist and experienced music teacher, I bring a unique blend of musical expertise and web design skills to the table. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of designing websites for a diverse range of clients in the music industry, including:


Crafting personalized, visually engaging websites that showcase their work and connect with their audience.
View one of the case studies

Music Stores:

Developing e-commerce platforms that highlight products with detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and multimedia content.

Independent music schools:

Creating functional and user-friendly websites that support administrative needs and enhance the learning experience for students.

Sport & Music Boarding Schools:

Designing comprehensive websites that integrate academic and extracurricular information seamlessly.


My Musical Background

My deep understanding of music extends beyond just playing and teaching; I am proficient in reading sheet music and music scores. This allows me to better appreciate the nuances of my clients’ work and translate their artistic vision into an online presence that truly resonates with their audience.

Miscellaneous design projects

Throughout my years working in consultancy, I have designed for industries, including:

International windmill company and hardware company:

Sales website to increase visibility to increase the number of clients.

Physical shops:

Designed websites and setup on CMS to help the shop to increase online visibility

Large schools:

Building comprehensive websites that facilitate communication, resource sharing, and community engagement.

Accounting company:

Designing corporate websites that reflect professionalism and provide critical financial information and services.


Creating engaging websites to support their congregations and outreach efforts.


Crafting respectful and sensitive websites that provide essential information and services.

Architect’s agency:

Developing visual presentations of architectural work to showcase their portfolio and services.

National Trade associations:

Creating a large website for employees in a national association for railways workers.

Artists (painters and ceramicists):

Designing visually compelling websites that highlight their artwork and increase online sales and exhibitions.

Charity work:

Created a large website for an association for disabled to provide information to navigate in rules and where to go for help.


Designed and launched a website for a company that manufactors environmental friendly tree houses.

These are a selection of my work, not a full list of references.


I have a diverse background with extensive experience across various industries, particularly in healthcare technology and digital services: 

Healthcare Technology: 

Design agency: 

  • Owned a design agency for 13 years, providing consultancy and designing products for startups and established companies and organisations